The ILCB Center of Experimental Resources (CREx) is a team of engineers specialized in scientific computing and data analysis. The CREx plays a central role within the ILCB by providing support to all of its members and across all of its topics of research.

Drawing on the complementary profiles of its members, the CREx team supports the ILCB’s diverse and inter-disciplinary projects, all of which are centred around the study of the language processes related to speech production, perception and cognition.

Thanks to their collaborations with various experimental platforms within the ILCB over the past 10 years, the CREx has developed extensive skills including:

  • The scientific instrumental set-up,
  • The development of experimental paradigms (adapted to neuroimaging protocols, virtual reality environment, as well as web-based platforms for online experiments),
  • The data pre-processing (in conjunction with signal or image processing and quality assurance),
  • The processing of behavioural, eye-tracking, neuroimaging (MRI), neurophysiological (EEG, intracranial EEG, HD-EEG, MEG) data,
  • The data valorisation (data visualisation and scientific writing).

The CREx organizes and participates in several training course every year, these include the MASCO (“Master Sciences Cognitives”) cursus, but also in courses devoted to ILCB members in the context of supported projects.

Blog du Centre de Ressources pour l'Expérimentation de l'ILCB

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