MEG – Project Noun/Verb

Response preparation and encoding in word production
Authors: FX Alario (LPC), K Strijkers (LPC),JM Badier (INS) & Valérie Chanoine

1. Grants
2. Presentation of the experiment
3. Download the raw datasets
4. Preprocessing
5. ERFs Analysis
6.Source Analysis
6. Scripting
7. Diffusion

Research supported by grants ANR-16-CONV-0002 (ILCB), ANR-11-LABX-0036 (BLRI) and ANR-11-IDEX-0001-02 (A*MIDEX)

Presentation of the MEG experiment

  • 22 subjects x 6 runs of lexical decision task
  • Supine position

Lexical decision task
Participants are presented with (a) possessive/personal pronouns (600 ms) or (b) meaningless symbols (####), followed by nouns/verbs (600 ms).  They were asked to press a button on a response box in any trial where the second stimulus they saw was a pseudo-word (CATCH Trials on 10 % of trials). The stimulation represents a phrase on each trial, for example, “ma clef”.

Two factors are studied: the grammatical class  (noun versus verb) and the predictability: the presence versus the absence of the corresponding pronoun.

MEG recordings

    • Acquisition at 2035Hz, with whole head MAGNES 3600 (4D Neuroimaging) system housed in a magnetically shielded room
    • Recorded at Timone Hospital, Marseille
    • 248 MEG gradiometers
    • 1 Electro-cardiogram (ECG) bipolar
    • 1 vertical Electro-oculogram (EOG) bipolar
    • 1 horizontal EOG  bipolar
  • Noise recordings (empty room) are acquired just before the subject recordings.

Head shape and fiducial points

  • 3D digitization using a Polhemus Fastrak-3D (head localization coils and head shape).


You can download the raw data datasets on the Ortolang platform here


Preprocessing was performed using Brainstorm software. For more details, click here.

ERFs Analysis
Processing for sensor-level Analysis is described  here.

Source Analysis
Source Analysis is described  here.

Scripting is available on GitHub platform   here.


Grammatical anticipation? Neural dynamics of noun and verb processing. Alario F.-X.,  Badier J.-M., Chanoine V., Dubarry A.-S, Munding D., Strijkers K., Trébuchon–Da Fonseca A.,  Workshop BLRI 2015 (France). PDF

Strijkers, K., Chanoine, V. , Munding, D., Dubarry, A.-S., Trébuchon, A., Badier, J.M. & Alario F.-X.. Syntactic unification emerges in the (left) inferior frontal gyrus within 100 milliseconds. Nature Scientific Reports.

posted by Valérie Chanoine on 2019/05/20

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