Tutorial – MEG analysis using Brainstorm

The objective of this page is to propose a tutorial for complete analysis of MEG data using the open-source software Brainstorm. This tutorial is built in the form of pipelines arranged in a chronological order for performing, step by step, pre- and post-processing.

Part 1 – Pre-processing using Brainstorm
1.  Requisites
2.  Import individual anatomical data
3.  Preparing MEG data
4.  Import MEG recordings
5.  Looking for bad Channels on Each Raw Run
6.  Detection of eye blinks and heartbeats (and removing)
Part 2 – Processing for Sensor-level analysis (ERFs)
1.  Filtering low-pass 40 Hz
2.  Epoching
3.  Removing bad trials semi-automatically
4.  Coregister MEG runs
5.  Averaging
Part 3 – Processing for Source-level Analysis
1. Select internal structures
2. Create a new surface that combines cortex and internal surfaces
3. Create a source model customised
4. Compute head model
5. Compute noise covariance
6. Compute sources
7. Z-Score normalisation
posted by Valérie Chanoine on 2015/04/15

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